Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What's your flava!?!

Those purple laces are so fresh! A color for every occasion ladies! KK


The classy and oh-so-elegant Kani Kouture line can be found nation wide spring 2009!!!

Lean back!

Wow... A Kani fashion show is never your ordinary fashion show... much luv to all who came out in Frisco! KK

Cee-Lo, Rockin' Kani!

Cee-Lo chillin' with Karl Kani in sunny LA. Cee-Lo thinks that the clothes are Craaaazzzyyy!!! 

Sexy Glamour Couture!

On the red carpet for San Francisco's hottest fashion show this year, "Sexy Glamour Couture!"

Game faces!

The fellas representing for Kani! They got their game faces on for the fashion show. I see you Ming the Merciless... get your swag on, young playa! KK

A little nippy!

San Francisco is a little nippier than LA... had to pull out the scarf real quick! Much luv San Fran! KK

Wine connoisseur!!!

Fellas, step up your game! Get to know fine wine!

Gettin' right for tonight!

Kani ladies getting ready for another legandary Kani fashion show in San Fransisco! 

Phones are taking over the world!!!

Ever get that feeling like your celly is running your life!!! Bro, stop talking so that I can get back to these clothes! KK

Where's our gate?!

Why they gotta make airports so big? It took like 20 minutes to walk to our gate! Thats why I need to get the private jet out the hanger!

So fresh and so Klean!

Theres only one way to be fly!!! Stay fresh... stay klean... stay in Kani!

Tokyo stand up!

Much luv to those in the east living in Kani from head to toe! These are some of the men behind the magic! Much luv fellas! KK

Travel in class!

Ok, so my other whip was in the shop getting hooked up... I gotta get around and look fly at the same time baby! KK 

Zappos.com in the house baby!

Much luv to the www.zappos.com team that supports Kani to the fullest!


That logo is so icy! Gotta luv it! KK

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Keep it movin'!!!

On the go in Barcelona! Gotta keep up big Q! If I'm going somewhere I gotta get there fast baby! KK

Gotta vote America!!!

Don't forget to vote yáll... your vote counts!!! This country needs a big change, and its not gonna get anywhere with out the proper leadership! I know my vote counts baby!!! KK

Meet the Kani's!!!

Meet my family everyone!!! Fresh to def all day! Look at those smiles! KK

Kani Luv!

Much Luv to the international Karl Kani team!!!

Love me some seafood!!!

Me and my boy Q stuffed off that good seafood in Barcelona! You know we get happy when we eat... life is good baby!

Bread and Butter in Barcelona!!!

'Bout to step up into Bread and Butter! They love Karl Kani out there... we had a great time!

Cheers to my cell phone!

Partied hard the other night and lost my cell phone! $5,000 reward to anyone that finds it!!! Big up to all that showed luv!!! KK

Taking some time to think!!!

Never underestimate the power of a peaceful moment that allows you to think! Gotta take that time out to think and then get back to work! KK